I am a contemporary artist living and working in the UK.

My practice is predominantly about exploring materiality and process. Making by hand in a reflective dialogue with the materials is a key aspect of my practice and this open and informal approach is key to me understanding and pushing the materiality of an object.

My practice is almost always small scale, abstract and a response to either the material or the location is which it is to be placed

My work draws strongly on my reaction against digital means of production, consumerism, over consumption and over complexity. Found or recycled objects are often my starting point. I then work towards simplifying to the point of austerity and generally drawing on a limited colour palette. Less is always still way too much.

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Art and Design and I am currently studying for an MA in Fine Art.

KB exhibition


Keron Beattie   Photograph by Michael Szpakowski